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1.1 gold mutual product

Jinhua City transformer factory mainly produces 10 ~ 35kV current, voltage transformers.

Transformer (instrument transformer) is scaled by the voltage or current of the device. Its main function is to high voltage or high current in proportion converted into standard low voltage (100V) or standard low-current (5A or 1A, refer to the rating), in order to realize the measurement instruments, standardized equipment protection and automatic control equipment, small technology. At the same time the high voltage transformer can be used to separate systems to ensure the safety of persons and equipment. Proportionally converted voltage or current device.

1.2 gold mutual mission - to return to the community, create wealth for society

We provide high-quality work, high-quality services for the state power grid construction provides a secure protection. We shared with staff development and create new growth space for the staff; we run through a rational, sustainable growth, create wealth for society.

1.3 gold mutual core values ​​- professional, expert, win

Professional: We are committed to becoming the most professional supplier of transformers;

Expert: We are committed to the development of transformers, open for innovation, and strive to become the domestic transformer industry experts;

Win: cooperation to develop cooperation in order to win; temporary gains and losses, not our goal; long-term development, is our hope.

1.4 gold mutual spirit - always innovative, breakthrough every day, everything was leading

1.5 gold mutual philosophy

A. philosophy - integrity, service

B. management philosophy - institutionalized processes, standardization

C. Service concept - the market is the direction of the enterprise, quality is the life

D. development philosophy - honest and realistic, professional excellence

E. concept of employment - in practice, exercise, selection in competition

1.6 Gold Mutual employees conduct

1.6.1 loyalty to the enterprise, to be frank colleagues

Detrimental to the company, do not do things the company to do more useful. Treatment of colleagues, frank and sincere, open and aboveboard. Do first-class gold mutual staff, building first-class gold mutual product, a first-class business performance.

1.6.2 Samaritan Buffet

Demand collaborative work, we rely on to succeed. Responsibilities within, we must do, no quibble; unknown work duties, the initiative to undertake: duties outside, happy to help.

1.6.3 good at finding the problem, the courage to solve problems

Can not find the problem is the greatest problem. We encourage employees to ask questions, to advocate a constructive manner to find solutions.

1.6.4 to find ways not to make excuses

Faced with difficulties, losers make excuses, winners find a way.

1.6.5 mutual respect, mutual appreciation

Respect others, were constant Jingzhi. Give roses, hand a fragrance.

1.6.6 Huaikang gratitude

We are grateful to the customer, give us labor in return; we appreciate the enterprise, provides us with a platform of self-achievement; We are grateful to the leadership, to provide us with business conditions; we are grateful to colleagues to assist us; we appreciate the community and give us provide environmental development.

1.7 gold mutual managers conduct

Achievements 1.7.1 upgrade their subordinates is

Nurture is the basic requirement for managers, not to develop leadership subordinates, and he is not training. Managers not only give yourself the opportunity to give subordinates more opportunities. .

1.7.1 fair, Rucker Ericsson

Public Health Ming, Zheng Sheng Wei. Fair and others, play fair, to win the trust of people, to believe in people, is the conduct of the managers.

1.7.1 mentors do, do supporters

Authorization to be good managers, words and deeds, the right to work under the guidance and support necessary resources to protect subordinates to make things.

1.7.1 Incentive always keep in mind

Reward is to inspire, motivate caring, listening to motivate, inspire trust. Incentives, is always the best gift!

1.7.1 courage and knowledge, dare to dare

Visionary, dare to do things, take responsibility, in order to create extraordinary performance. Does not aim, but they try too, will stifle enterprise vigor and vitality.

1.7.1 Ambitious, indifferent hearts

To put an eye-opener, ambitious, to do things real, to cause bigger; to be broad-minded, proud not carried away, frustrated yet Chi, Wing pregnant sense of normalcy.

1.8 gold mutual management objectives

Appropriate cost efficiency regulations clearly superior good performance.

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